There are over 65 million Facebook Pages for businesses and more than 1 billion people visit those pages every month.  Only 41 percent of small businesses have a page set up for their business, and of those, only 15 percent posted content daily.  That means that customers who are looking at your business for fresh content, aren’t finding it. Since Facebook have algorithms changed, businesses are opting to pay for their content to be seen. So how can you get the best bang for your buck when you pay to “Boost” your post?

Use infographics to convey important information

Users love being able to grab onto the most important pieces of information quickly and easily.  Infographics give user just that.  There are several sites offering free creation of infographics such as Canva.  All you have to do is create a profile.  Canva automatically saves all of your designs in a downloadable format and has many layouts to choose from depending on what you want to create. Infographics can be announcements, charts, inspirational quotes or contain statistics.

Post videos

Videos posted on Facebook have 62% more engagement than posts that contain photos.  When making a video for Facebook, remember that short videos are better.  Depending on the content, most videos should be less than one minute. To achieve this, cut out boring footage or even increase the speed of the video.  Audiences love short videos, because they get straight to the point and leave out clutter and filler.  Some of the top videos on Facebook don’t even have an introduction; it’s in the post description. Another point to remember for Facebook videos is silence.  Eight-five percent of Facebook videos are played without sound. If you have important information, consider creatively adding text to the video.

Create a call-to-action on Facebook ads

The Call-to-Action option of Facebook ads allows marketers to direct the consumer on what to do after viewing the advertisement.  These buttons can direct a customer to any site (on or off Facebook) that aligns with the business’s goals. Call-to-Action buttons such as “Shop Now”, “Book Now”, “Learn More” and “Sign Up” don’t cost extra and should always be considered when planning a Facebook ad.

Advertisements featuring a Call-to-Action button had a click through rate 2.85 times higher than those that did not.  If you opt to use a CTA button, you will be able to track its usage to see how many users clicked through.



Target the right people

You may think the more people your reach, the better, but this is wrong.  Reaching the right people is what matters the most.  Facebook ads allow you to narrow down ad targeting to a specific location such as city or even zip code.  Facebook ads can be tailored to reach people based on interests, behaviors and even employers. For a complete breakdown of Facebook ad targeting check out this link. You can check out your insights before boosting a post to see who your audience is. Check out competitors as well to see who is looking at their content. If you still need help creating the perfect Facebook ad, this article gives you a step-by-step guide to creating an ad.


These tips will help to get Facebook advertising started, but following up on analytics during and after the campaign is what will guide you for the next round of ads.  Insights allow you to see how many clicks, likes, comments and shares there were for the ad as well as a breakdown of age groups and location of people who viewed your content.