The health crisis we have been experiencing over the last eight months created a number of challenges and is being expounded with home-schooling, stress, fatigue and isolation.  Over the past three months, COVID positive cases and deaths have grown at a rapid rate.  The most concerning area is our hospitals are near capacity, which has created an environment of our health care workers being over-worked, stressed and fatigued. 

During this national health crisis, hospitals and health systems are doing everything they can to care for patients and our community.  These Health Care Heroes serving on the front lines include physicians, nurses, health care team workers, food services, environmental services, administrative, EMS, fire rescue, police, senior care providers and support staff. Our COVID numbers in hospitals are so high that it is creating a stressful and tiring work that is physically and mentally exhausting.  Many of these Health Care Heroes are working double time have very few days if any to regroup and clear their heads, which can weigh on them.

On behalf of the Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce we thank these Health Care Hero’s for their efforts. If you see or know a Health Care Hero, thank them for their efforts and let them know how much our community appreciates their efforts and hard work.

Be Safe! Wear a Mask!

Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce