The Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce has advocated on our members behalf during this 60-day session.

Listed below is every bill that passed the legislature. The legislature was an interesting example of how limited contact with legislators can lead limitations on advocating for New Mexico.

Coming out of the pandemic, we focused most heavily on economic development and job creation legislation.  As a result, we had

14 bills that supported economic expansion and job creation.

5 bills that will hurt economic expansion and job creation.

131 Neutral bills

The great news is good bills to bad bills were passed at a 3:1 ratio.

At the start of the session, it was almost a 7:1 ratio of bad bills to good bills. 

We are appreciative of the legislators that supported legislation that would help New Mexicans and its businesses in 2021.

Thank you to all the Chambers in the state and other business organizations that advocated for New Mexico.


Cannabis did not pass, but the Governor is adding a special session in 2 weeks to get recreational use legalized.

The challenge will be to ensure employer protections are in place for a drug free workplace.

So far cannabis legislation has only talked about adding revenue to the state and diversifying the states revenue.

There has been no discussion about adverse impacts that Colorado has experienced such as increased DUI’s and impacts on the social services.

As with anything, positives must be measured with negatives, Recreational Marijuana will not be pure profit as many have described it.