Yesterday we heard from the Governor and she has made the decision to roll back the opening process due to increased positive tests.  The new guidelines begin on Monday.  The entire state needs to aggressively manage the states mask policy to slow the spread of the virus.  This is the only defense we have to keep our businesses open and not slip back further.   We already have bars, family fun centers, gyms, and bowling alleys closed since March 18th, so we cannot afford to have any more mandated closures.  Once again our restaurants and breweries are going to have their indoor eating facilities closed, while allowing for 50% of the patio/outdoor capacity.  The Chamber advocated the state to allow extended outdoor dining to increase your outdoor capacity, so please take advantage of it to help with lost revenue:  To extend your patio please follow the guidelines below:

 ·         Check with your landlord if you can expand your patio

 ·         Draw up a simple premises map

 ·         Complete the exception documents provided by the city (The Chamber can help you locate it)

 ·         If you serve beer/wine etc then the city will submit your request to the state

 If your business needs mask for distribution or residents need masks, please let the Chamber know we have a supply of masks at no cost.  In our region, we are following the guidelines exceptionally well and it is reflected in our case results. 


Cases to Date by Zip Code

 ·         87114 Paradise Hills – 214

 ·         87120 NW ABQ -190

 ·         87124 Rio Rancho – 118

 ·         87144 Rio Rancho – 122

 ·         87048 Corrales – 24 

·          87004 Bernalillo/Sandia/Santa Ana – 131

 ·         87043 Placitas  – 9

 ·         87001 San Felipe Pueblo – 78

 ·         Total in Region – 886 Cases

 ·         Population in Region – 250,000

 ·         Positive Case Rate – .3% or 1 per 282 residents or 249,114 people in our region have not had Covid-19


The Rio Rancho Regional Chamber will continue to advocate for our community and show the Governor our region is following these guidelines. 


Amended Public Health Order Summary


  • Goes into effect Monday, July 13
  • Indoor seating at restaurants and breweries will no longer be allowed
    • Restaurants/breweries may operate patio seating at 50% of maximum occupancy
    • Restaurants may continue to provide carry-out and delivery services
    • Breweries may continue to provide curbside pickup services
  • State Parks are no longer open to out-of-state residents, visitors must demonstrate proof of residency (state ID/state license plate)
  • Camping at state parks remains prohibited, state parks are open for day use only
  • School reopening depends on the state containing the virus, the hybrid model will only go into effect if the spread of COVID-19 is reduced
  • Fall sports?
    • No contact sports will be permitted this fall (football, soccer etc.)
    • Modified schedules will be evaluated for potentially later in the school year
    • Other non-contact sports are under review and will likely have delayed starts to the seasons
    • But fall sports will NOT happen if schools cannot reopen
  • Masks will now be required for all New Mexicans in public spaces, even when you are exercising.