Beginning on May 16th  the Governor has made an adjustment to the current public health order.  The Chamber will be reaching out to retail businesses confirm their opening, so watch for an update on facebook and our website.

  • All retailers will be reopened at 25 percent of their fire code capacity while maintaining COVID-19 safe practices**
    • Retailers are all business that sell goods directly to consumers
  • Other Non-essential businesses, such as office spaces and call centers, may operate with up to 25% of pre-crisis staffing levels.** 
  • Churches may operate at 10% capacity
  • COVID Safe Practices**
    • ** All employees must wear masks
    • **The Governor also announced all New Mexicans  are required to wear masks in public spaces. 
    • **Avoid close contact: maintain 6 feet of physical distancing
    • **Wash hands often
    • **Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover
    • **All businesses need to have a consistent cleaning policy to clean and disinfect daily
      • Especially frequent high touch locations like counter tops, checkout stands, doors, handles etc

On May 16th the following will stay the same:

  • Restaurants will remain as curbside only
  • Hair Salons, barbers and gyms will remain closed
  • Entertainment venues such as movie theaters, concert venues and amusement parks will remain closed
  • Big box stores over 50,000 sqft will remain at 20% capacity
  • New Mexicans are urged to continue to stay home, especially if you are sick or vulnerable
  • Slight re-openings are NOT an invitation to unnecessarily leave your home
  • Congregating in large groups continues to be prohibited – 5 people maximum
  • Maintain 6 feet physical distance
  • People with underlying medical conditions or weakened immune systems should remain home

The governor said that at this time the following updates will not apply to McKinley, San Juan and Cibola counties.

Remember to BE Safe and use all precautions to prevent spread of this virus.