2016 saw record-breaking numbers in data breaches.  The recent WannaCry attack has infected 230,000 computers in 150 countries. Beginning June 16, 2017, New Mexico law will require businesses to notify individuals affected by data breaches. So how can you, a local business owner, protect your data?

  • Update software.  Don’t ignore prompts on devices to update operating systems.  These updates usually have patches in them to fix existing problems where data can be stolen.
  • Never use an unsecure connection. It may seem hip to work on the company-issued laptop at a local café, but this gives hackers a prime opportunity to connect to your device and steal data.  Some hackers will often create unsecure connections and wait for their victims to connect. Once connected, devices will be fully accessible to hackers.
  • Use a recognized anti-virus. Windows Defender, McAfee, and Norton will help protect your PC, but what about your mobile devices? Bitdefender and Trustgo are free apps that you can download onto your mobile device to protect against threats.
  • Train employees to recognize threats. Unprotected PC’s and weak passwords are avoidable threats.  Train employees to create strong passwords and to never use the same password for more than one login. Employees should never leave private client information in the open, or leave computer windows open with sensitive information on it. Preventative measures such as these are the best defense against a breach.
  • Protect your printer.  Less than 2% of printers used for business purposes are protected. Wireless printers give hackers access to connect to your network.
  • Run a diagnostics scan. Go to https://www.aoncyberdiagnostic.com/ to see how well you are protected and to help identify threats.