Chamber logoThe Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce has established a Legislative Emphasis for 2019.  The Chamber’s regional review is what is best for Rio Rancho, Sandoval County, Albuquerque’s Westside and New Mexico.  Our region’s long-term commitment is to accelerate job creation, educate our workforce and support business growth to ensure sustainability in the future.  Financially, the Chamber is in support of keeping taxes fair and reasonable. The Chamber is working collaboratively with business, education, and non-profit organizations in the community to strengthen the region for years to come. The Executive Committee of the Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce believes an emphasis on the following policy areas will support development and create a “Best in Class” community.

The Executive Committee of the Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce has approved and endorsed our Legislative Priorities for 2019.

Providing an Environment for Business Growth

  • Full and increased investment in strategic economic development programs such as JTIP, LEDA, and the Rapid Workforce Development Fund
  • Increase investment for local economic development, and New Mexico Tourism
  • Expansion of funding to relocate retirees to New Mexico
  • Improve broadband in urban and rural areas through public-private partnerships
  • Implement a sustainable process by which the state supports public-private investments to drive economic development
  • Implementation of the local, state, and federal procurement codes in a consistent, efficient and transparent manner that allows companies in New Mexico to effectively compete in the procurement process
  • Preserve a business’s ability to manage its workplace and workforce without excessive local government intrusion.
  • Ensure fees and regulations are predictable, fair, reasonable and do not place an unreasonable burden on the business owner.
  • Minimum wage that supports business growth fits both suburban and rural economies

Education and Producing a Well-Educated Workforce

  • Ensure New Mexico can recruit and retain highly qualified teachers by fulfilling funding benefits and increasing base salaries.
  • Transportation funding is fair, equitable and adequately funded
  • Proper funding for instructional materials
  • Provide funding for behavioral and mental health services for students
  • Increase funding efforts for public colleges and universities to expand educational offerings
  • Fund vocational and technical career paths at the high school level that promote these family-sustaining wage jobs and impact the state’s ability to produce a skilled workforce
  • Provide quality childcare and education programs that are focused on a child’s success in school
  • Coordinate high school and college workforce development programs that address New Mexico’s needs such as STEM, skilled trades, healthcare, job search and soft skills
  • Equalized funding and continued accountability across the public education sector, including charter schools
  • Legislation to aid charter schools in obtaining funds for facilities
  • A sustainable plan for the lottery scholarship to maximize the state’s return on investment

Supporting and Enhancing the Region’s Infrastructure

  • Paseo Del Volcan (Pete V Dominici Highway) acquisition of right of way from Rainbow to Interstate 40
  • Expansion of Unser Blvd from Sandoval County line to Montano
  • Expansion of Paseo Del Norte from Universe to Golf Course
  • Strategic investment in infrastructure to stimulate business growth within business corridors that take advantage of the current economic cycle to prepare for expansion
  • Investments in infrastructure programs that are essential including roads, bridges and highways along with water, sewer, power, natural gas and advanced telecommunications.

Comprehensive Tax Reform

  • Eliminate GRT and replace with a sales tax
  • Taxation of online sales at the state and local level
  • Lodgers tax expansion to individual rentals from AIRBNB and others
  • Lodgers tax can only be used for tourism and expansion of visitors to area