This year’s Legislative Session is an opportunity to develop policy that will help residents and businesses get through the Pandemic and begin building on a better tomorrow. The Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce is placing our focus on job creation and economic development to support recovery efforts.  
The Legislature has a wide range of bills that will benefit our state and others that will hurt our state by adding regulations, increasing costs, expanding government, increasing taxes and expand costly lawsuits that will bankrupt our government and individuals. A working spreadsheet link below shows many of the bills the Chamber is tracking.
The Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce’s legislative priorities are based on legislation that are for the true betterment of New Mexico as it relates to job creation, economic development, business support and education. Recovery from the Pandemic is an opportunity to change New Mexico from being ranked in the bottom 10 and it all starts with this Legislative Session.
A couple websites with a vast amount of information are which shows the performance of the state and the counties, and that helps track legislation. If you are a business owner or resident that wants the Legislatures to focus on jobs and economic development, then please reach out to your local Legislator. Together we can change New Mexico one bill at a time.