Moving to Rio Rancho gives will give you the all the benefits of living in a big city and the comforts of living in a community.  Our community is a place where  everyone is welcome and is a place many retirees are choosing to live.

Sandoval County exudes a wide array of beauty and charm that few destinations can match. The area has a number of points of interest such as

Sandoval Counties tourism and hospitality industry continues to grow and is an economic driver throughout the area Any of these areas are a short drive from Rio Rancho area hotels, so bring your hiking shoes, your bicycle and your camping gear to explore a refreshing adventure. The Rio Rancho area has the Star Center that brings in top tier performance, Santa Ana Casino, and Hyatt Tamaya Resort.  Our Regions diverse climate and elevation offers a unique setting where you can ski and golf the same day!


A key benefit of living in Rio Rancho is your dollar stretches are to bring you a comfortably living within your means.  Housing costs are much lower than other areas of the country and this includes, home prices, property taxes, rent, and utilities.  The price of groceries is better than most areas and gas in Rio Rancho tends to rank as the lowest in the state.  When you move to Rio Rancho your expenses will decrease overnight.


Rio Rancho has the lowest crime rate in the State of New Mexico.  The city is a community based values important to you.  The area has a stable police force that is active in the community.  Rio Rancho also boasts Fire and EMS departments with solid response times.


Education in our community is top notch.  We have an outstanding school system that continues to have top ranked schools.  The public schools consist of 2 High Schools that perform well in sports as well as academics.  Rio Rancho high schools have combined to win the last 3 state football titles and over 17 additional state titles in the last 3 years.  Rio Rancho also offers classes at University of New Mexico’s West campus and Central New Mexico’s Rio Rancho Campus.  Both of these schools offer a wide range of academic courses and continuing education.


Rio Rancho offers a wide range of housing depending on your needs.  Rio Rancho has abundant single family housing that has seen strong consistent expansion over the past 30 years.  Rio Rancho had about 500 homes built in 2016 which ranks near the top of the region.  Home prices in our area tend to be stable with positive home price growth.

In addition to single family homes, Rio Rancho boasts a wide selection of retirement areas and villages.  The area has 55+ plus communities that cater to the needs of retirees and offers services that benefit residences.  Rio Rancho also has a number of retirement homes that offer 5 star type amenities with activities.


The area offers a large number of parks and walking paths in the area.  Rio Rancho has sports facilities, dog parks and activity parks that offer a wide range of activities.  The area also offers a number of walking areas within the high desert and along the Rio Grande nature area.  Rio Rancho has a facility called the “Park Above”, which is an all inclusive park that is model for parks throughout the Country.

As for activities, Rio Rancho has a wide range of events held at the 6000 seat Santa Ana Star Center.  This is a premier facility that brings in top tier events for the area.  The area has 2 championship golf courses that are open to the community and deliver great outings with fabulous views of the Sandia Mountains.  Rio Rancho also borders the Santa Ana Pueblo Indian Reservation that offers Casino Gambling, bowling and other activities.  The city is within a one hour drive of ski resorts that are open from Thanksgiving to Easter.


The high desert of New Mexico offers all four season with none of them extreme.  The areas average year round temperature is a comfortable 59 degrees.  During the winter there is no need to shovel snow, if we do get a light dusting, it is usually gone when the sun comes out that afternoon. Our summer temperatures peak in the 90’s and drop overnight down to the 70’s to create very comfortable summers. Rio Rancho has a comfortable in dry, warm climates without any of the potential natural disasters of tornadoes, earthquakes and flooding.  Rio Rancho weather delivers about 280 sunny days a year that help ensure you can do your hobbies and activities year round.


If you are in search of cultural activities, New Mexico delivers.  We have a long history of Spanish and Native American traditions that bring a fresh outlook to residents and visitors.   In Sandoval County we offer a wide range of events and activities in beautiful areas such as the Valles Caldera, Village of Corrales, Jemez Springs and five area Pueblos.  Rio Rancho is a 50 minute drive to Santa Fe where the City Different delivers on cultural activities throughout the summer.  Albuquerque offers an area called Old Town, the Hispanic Cultural Center and The Native American Cultural Center.  In our area you have a vibrant music and theater scene.

The Food Question is: “Red or Green?”

If you’re a foodie, you may want to know that New Mexico offers some of the best food options in the country.  We have and grow the world famous Hatch chiles.  So if you have never had a green chile cheeseburger or red chile enchiladas you have been missing out.  Since we have great weather we have area farmers markets delivering fresh produce.  We offer top rated diving spots with a wide range of offers that will satisfy your palate.


Healthcare facilities is an area that Rio Rancho has an abundance.  The Rio Rancho area boasts 3 area hospitals that offer a wide range of services.  The area has easy access to good healthcare that can has a positive impact on your quality of life.

Proximity to Airport/Highways

Rio Rancho has major highway access to any area of the country and an airport with many direct flight destinations.  If you want to travel north or south, Rio Rancho has quick access to I25 and Highway 550.  If you want to travel east or west, I40 is a major highway that can take you to California or Tennessee.  The Albuququerque Airport is only about 40 minutes away  so travel out of state is quick and easy.  The airport is listed as one of the easiest to fly out of in the Country which makes it a friendly departure point.


There is not a better place to retire than Sandoval County, where you will find a diverse culture that defines our colorful history and a dynamic vision for the future.  Sandoval County is ideally located along I-25 between Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  The most populous area is northwest of Albuquerque and consists of the city of Rio Rancho (95,000 residents), the town of Bernalillo and the quaint village of Corrales.  Our area offers a mild climate with all four season and an abundance of year round activities.

This area has been recognized as one of the best retiring places in the United States.  Rio Rancho has a growing economy with a top rated school district and is known for its outstanding public safety record.  Rio Rancho has a growing healthcare system and has three full service regional hospitals that have been recognized for their service.  The cost of living, the number of physicians per capita (100,000), low crime rates, facilities and existing residents aged 65 years and over make Rio Rancho a wonderful place to retire.

If you want a small town community with big city services, Sandoval County is a place you can call home.  The town of Bernalillo is on old route 66 and is a charming area along the Rio Grande River with a rich history.  The town of Bernalillo neighbor is Santa Ana Pueblo which has casino gaming, fine restaurants and two championship golf courses.

If you want to get away from it all and enjoy a suburban rural setting to run away from the city then Corrales is for you. Corrales has been chosen as a best place to retire by CNN Money’s best places to live.  Corrales has art galleries, restaurants and a quiet community that tries hard to maintain its village image.

If you are wanting to relocate to an area that you can live comfortably year round without being too hot or too cold than moving to Sandoval County is for you.  This is an area where you can enjoy your golden years and at a low cost of living that will fit any budget.

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