The Board of Directors for the Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce fully endorses the three Sandoval County Bonds on the November 6th ballot.
Sandoval County continues to be one of the fastest growing counties in New Mexico.  With the growth, comes the need for updated technology, services and newer buildings.  These three Sandoval County bonds will continue to dictate what type of county we want now and in the future.  Sandoval County has seen its needs for services increase along with the population, so these bonds provide the services and infrastructure that serve our resident’s needs.

Public Safety Bonds

The Public Safety and Telecom Bond will provide better telecommunication for emergency personnel throughout the county.  These upgrades are crucial in rural areas and along highway 550 where cell phone service and emergency communication can be limited.  The system in place today is antiquated and does not fulfill the needs of our suburban and rural areas.

The equipment and facilities Public Safety Bond will provide for a new ambulance, increased water holding facilities at fire stations, a new Sheriff building and a new Fire department facility.  These are all key needs due to our growth.  The Fire department facility is an old school garage that is in need of repair and has become far too small for a metropolitan area with a growing population.  The Sheriff’s Building will allow for better services at the Sandoval complex and better security.  In addition, it will allow the county to have the space necessary to add another judge to serve our area.

Library Bonds

The Library Bond provides additional funding for our growing library system in Sandoval County.  Libraries continue the evolution of adding more technology and services to an ever-changing world.  This bond will add funding to all 17 county libraries for books, services and technology.  Stop by any Rio Rancho library on a Saturday, and you will see that the services provided are important to our children, families, residents and retirees.  The outstanding libraries in Rio Rancho help educate our kids and provide a key role in Rio Rancho Public Schools top ranking in the state.

The Chamber Board of Directors urges you to support these bonds by voting YES on November 6, 2018.


Jerry Schalow, President

Gordon Moore, Chairman of the Board

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