The Chamber works to support our local nonprofits through the Nonprofit Alliance (NPA). This initiative seeks to develop and strengthen partnerships among the nonprofit, private and public sectors in order to help improve quality of life in the area. The NPA strives to raise awareness of the economic impact, needs and values of local non-profit organizations.

Fundraising Events

May 10 Kassy’s Kause Ribbon Cutting at 12 noon 
May 11, 2018 golf tournament St Felix& 2018 St Felix golf sponsorship – St. Felix Pantry
May 12 & 13 Rio Rancho Youth Chorus Performance
May 19th screening Kassy’s Hope– Kassy’s Kause
May 20 Pueblo Revolt Lecture Series Coronado Site
June 18 – July 12 Galloping Grace Youth Ranch
Good Deeds Fundraising Program Flyer
Camp Corazon June 22-24,2018


Can you help?

Galloping Grace Youth Ranch is looking for a few necessary items to be donated to help keep kids safe, learning, and having fun on the ranch. If you have any of the following items that you’d like to donate or would like to make a monetary donation please contact Vanessa Skrehot at 970-903-4771 or

24 sheets of OSB(plywood) Roughly 400 linear feet of 1”x2” board
96 Tupperware containers Welded wire hog and or cattle panels
Net wire fencing Small animal pens and gates
Metal T-Posts Shovels, Rakes, Pitchforks
50’-100’ Hoses Hay
Starter Pig Feed Calf milk replacer
Chick starter feed Heat lamps for chicks
Chicken Wire Nesting boxes
Electric Clippers for show goats and steers Stands for show goats and sheep
Grooming chute for show cattle Squeeze chute with head gate
Hanging feed and water buckets Clean 5-gallon buckets
Small livestock scale Heavy duty grease for Bobcat
Backhoe attachment for Bobcat Tires for Bobcat
Gas Powered Portable Generator Wire Cutters (25+)
Cordless tools (reciprocating saw, circular saw, impact driver, drill, etc.)

Also, bring your leaves! They are great for our bedding and compost needs. Just bag them up and leave them at the gate and GGYR will do the rest.
Thanks for your help!

Nonprofit Alliance Meetings

The NPA holds meetings for Nonprofit Executive Directors to explore topics related to nonprofit management, and provides a forum to review opportunities and challenges facing this sector.    Next Non Profit Alliance Meeting will be Tuesday, May 8 at 11:30 am.

For more information on the Nonprofit Alliance contact Jerry Schalow at 892-1533.



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