Galloping Grace Youth Ranch (GGYR) was recently awarded 300 cases of apples from the Opal Apple Youth Make A Difference Grant. This award was given in support of GGYR’s Junior Leader Program.  GGYR’s Junior Leader Program educates youth, ages 12-18, about agricultural education and leadership development. GGYR was selected for the prize based on its youth leadership roles in initiatives surrounding food, nutrition, and agriculture.

As a selected recipient of the grant, GGYR’s mission of enriching the community and bringing pure joy to children, traveled from Washington State, by way of 17,000 Opal Apples. GGYR partnered directly with St. Felix Pantry to donate and distribute the apples to local food pantries. GGYR, with the help of St. Felix Food Pantry, Storehouse Albuquerque, Storehouse West in Rio Rancho, Rio Grande Food Project, God’s Warehouse, and Expect A Miracle, are pleased to help feed hungry families in our community.

Jenifer Romero, COO of GGYR said, “We’re honored to have been selected for the Opal Apple Grant. We’re proud to partner with fellow non-profits, like St. Felix Pantry, to address New Mexico’s hunger needs. We felt that by partnering with local food agencies, we could achieve more together, than alone. As we educate youth about agriculture and where their food comes from, it’s also important they’re educated about food insecurities and serving the community. We hope our collaborative efforts illustrate the importance of coming together and serve as an example for the greater good of our community.”

About Galloping Grace Youth Ranch

Galloping Grace Youth Ranch is a local non-profit that offers and promotes programs that educate children about leadership, agriculture, and community.  GGYR provides children and their families with a unique opportunity to interact with a local, sustainable, working ranch. GGRY focuses its efforts on enhancing agricultural education, improving the environment, and encouraging charitable giving.

For more information or to support GGYR and its programs, please visit  For more information about St. Felix Food Pantry, please visit

St. Felix Pantry

St. Felix Pantry
Feeds over 1,000 guests/households weekly. Providing over 1.25 million meals annually. (80 cases donated)


Storehouse Albuquerque

Storehouse Albuquerque
Feeds 50,000 people annually (40 cases donated)

Storehouse West

Storehouse West in Rio Rancho
Feed 17,000 people annually (40 cases donated)

Rio Grande Food Project

Rio Grande Food Project
Feed 22,000 people annually (50 cases donated)

God's Warehouse

God’s Warehouse
Feeding 400 hot meals to the homeless nightly (40 cases donated)

Epect a Miracle

Expect a Miracle
Housing men and women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. (50 cases donated)