About David Frederickson

David serves between 200 to 300 business owners from the westside of town all the way to Santa Fe. He is focused on growth and would like to do more with commercial lending. David shared that some of the biggest challenges he faces daily is educating his customers about what is required for lending and getting them to follow his advice through the process. David has a twin brother and in a previous life, they both used to be professional (sponsored) video gamers. Yes, they were paid to play video games. He does miss that. They would travel and play against some of the best gamers and have kept in touch with some of the people he met during that time. David and his wife share a love of their two dogs. His favorite activity is to practice some sleight of hand to trick the dogs with toys, food, and other objects. He does this with humans as well. David has a deep love of magic and practices tricks often. He fell in love with magic attending Wayne’s Magic and Juggling Shop (now Max’s Magic Shop near UNM which, sadly will be closing this summer). The best part of magic for David is when people are tricked and for a moment, logic is turned upside down. He always caries a deck of cards, just in case.

About the Business

US Bank is the fifth-largest commercial bank in the United States, and one of the country’s strongest and most stable banks. They hold $450 billion in assets, hold the top-tier credit and deposit ratings, they are a leader in capital generation, and they employ over 67,000 people. They are committed to help their customers success.

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