About Tim Meuret

Tim Meuret is our go-to health insurance guru. He is passionate about service and problem solving. He served in the US Air Force and was a member of the renowned “Berlin for Lunch Bunch”, additionally he was awarded 6 Air Medals. Most of all, Tim is excited to reunite with his fellow crew member in Washington D. C. in March. He also worked for Intel Corporation, taught at the Anderson School of Management at UNM, is a life-long Boy Scout and a Vigil member of the Order of the Arrow.

Tim works hard to ensure the upmost care and protection are taken for every person he encounters. This is fortunate for him because he recently met with Larry Barker as part of a sting about businesses who violated the “Do Not Call” list.  Due to his integrity Tim was able to help, and later, was called in as a witness in the case to assist Larry with prosecuting the violators.

Tim has been married to Wendy for 10 years; he has 3 sons (all Eagle Scouts), a daughter and 2 step children.  He lives in Rio Rancho with his elderly parents and looks after their needs. If Tim won the lottery he would do three things:

1) Buy an annuity as a way to ensure lifelong income.

2) Create scholarships to send less fortunate kids to Scout Camp.

3) Work to reduce veteran suicides nationwide.


About Tim’s Business

Loreen & Lane, LLC was established in 2008 and has been offering excellent service ever since. In addition to finding the best insurance solution for you, your family or your business, Tim will get it for less money, less risk and more value. Loreen & Lane is a pairing of Tim’s and his Wife’s middle names.

Contact Tim Meuret, Loreen & Lane, LLC

5353 Wyoming Blvd #7

Albuquerque, NM 87109.

(505) 750-7024


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